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released May 1, 2017

Recorded at Cottage Industry Studios
Produced by Christa Renee and Wm Josiah Erikson
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Wm Josiah Erikson



all rights reserved


Signpost Massachusetts

Signpost is a blues, rock, funk collaboration formed as a creative outlet for Christa Renee and Josiah Erikson.

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Track Name: SI

Feeling reckless
Stealing my breath
Oh can't get you out
Of my head

Thoughts are descending
The beast is ascending
Oh can't get you out
Of my head


I eat your soul and I won't take names
Uh ah honey I got no shame
You're a worthless, useless, waste of flesh
Take that step I know what's best

The end is nearing
While death is leering
Oh can't get you out of my head

Track Name: You

Say something get inside of you
Find the words to say something true
What I need is to make a difference
And everyone around just pretends
I just want to make some sense

To you

To touch your life and to connect
Maybe somehow earn your respect
While they sit at your alter and genuflect
I hold the mirror and reflect
The secrets that lie in me lie

In you

Oh this love it lifts me and weighs me down

All the love all the pain all the years and again
All the heart and the soul was I enough no control
All my dreams and regrets and my fears and missteps
What I want, what I need, can you give, can you feed
this hole?

Whole damn world wants to capture
No one intoxicates the way that you do
Your fickle gaze is held by lucky few
We fight and kill and maim just to woo
A glance, a glimpse, a piece

Of you
Track Name: A New Furor
A New Furor

Can't see though you
Ain't got no surprises
Fortunes can get down
According to our prizes

It's always something different
Every time I look in the mirror
Face that attempts emotionlessness
Cannot hide the furor

Aint got nothing to say
Nothing worthwhile, anyhow
Nothing that means anything
Maybe I'll just go with the flow

Someday I'll figure it out
Say what I really think
Something with clout
Maybe I'm on the brink
Track Name: Framingham Woman
Framingham woman

Someone can you see me
There's more to me then the life I've lived
Healer can you heal me
Can you redeem me from my wickedness

Oh oh behind these walls
Behind these bars
And shackled hands
Oh oh behind this mask
There lives and breaths
Framingham woman

Mother, want you to nurture me
Want you to be someone you've never been
Father, stop punishing me
Stop pimping me to your friends

Future you keep calling me
You keep begging me
To take a stand
Oh child, want you to see
The lift, I've only dreamt
Track Name: 99%
Ninety-nine percent

We fight not for ourselves
We crave what's out of reach
And justice favors race
And blinders make us weak

So they all can hear
So they all can hear
Crystal clear

Children how they watch
And follow in our lead
Held so low
No way to grow
Our poverty their greed

I'll not go
I'll not go
Track Name: Four Poster
Four Poster

Cast your stone
Weigh me down
Flood the earth
Let me drown
Steal my breath
Erase my mind
Gouge my eyes
Leave me blind

Four poster
You got me
You got me

Track Name: Mixed Up
Mixed Up
Straddle the line, between two sides
I've fought the fight and been taken for a ride

All mixed up
Who are we
Race of fear or
Race of free

My skin betrays, my complexion lies
I could pass for you, still me inside

Oh won't bow down to you

Fearless wondering who to be
The one I am or the one you see

All mixed up
Who are we
Race of fear or
Race of free

Tide has turned I refuse to be
Locked inside how you define me
Track Name: Hands Off
Hands Off
when you talk to me
Hands Off
I ain't messing see
Hands Off
I ain't your property
Hands Off
Don't grind on me

Cause we all came to get down
Like to get down
Want to get down

Went to this party and the mood was right
Bass was pumping and groove was tight
Person stepped to me like they wanted to dance
Told 'em to get lost when they got all hands

Dance floor is a place to have a good time
Let me tell you ain't no reason or rhyme
Set the record straight studies have shown
Ain't a good place to take nobody home, nobody home
Track Name: Riot
We so divided
Sown together by fate
Reflections lie to get us to hate

Oh there's a fire
In the street and our hearts
Dismiss it though
We all play a part

Standing on the edge of the line
Can you see my side

We all want the same thing
Our kids safety
We all want the same thing
To be free

Oh and there's a privilege
Not all of us share
The years, the rules, the guilt
The fight still ain't fair

We united
The power of one
One voice, one right, one truth
Make those fuckers run
Track Name: Loss
The life light in your eyes
Has gone to gray
I say the words to let you go
But want you to stay

They all go
Taken away
Broken heart
Won't beat the same

The space we once shared
Still holds your grace
Your absence leaves me cold
Rips me again

To care is to bare the consequence of loss
Withhold still cold loneliness to gain
This life is rife with pleasure and pain
Give in, breath in, start again

Thoughts still drift to you
Days, months, years
Your life a gift to all
Who held you dear